Charity begins at home & home is where the heart is

I am a firm believer that charity begins at home, whether that means personally or socially, taking care of those that you love and that are in need of love is critical for the well being of humanity. In my opinion, despite Azerbaijan turning full-throttle into a largely developed country, there are still voids that exist in healthcare and welfare for children.

Which brings me on to Save the Children; the international organization that promotes children’s rights is providing technical assistance to the Azerbaijani Government in order to facilitate efficient and effective development.

According to its website, Save the Children has been active in Azerbaijan since December 1993, arriving in response to the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Supporting the uprooted Azerbaijani population by providing not only immediate relief, but the assistance needed to ensure access to long-term health, education and employment opportunities.

Save the Children initially managed an emergency response umbrella grant program, through which it funded and coordinated international relief efforts. The organization shifted its focus to development programs in 1998 and since then, Save the Children has been directly implementing programs in partnership with international and national NGOs, businesses, communities and the Azerbaijani government to help families and communities care for the needs of children by reforming the child welfare system, promoting economic opportunities, encouraging family and community healthy lifestyles, improving basic social and physical infrastructure, and developing new educational materials and curricula.

Let’s help make a change for Azerbaijan and the world!

Donate towards Save the Children’s global action fund here; any donation will be appreciated I’m sure.

Thanks for reading.