Social enterprises

Charitable activities and social impact

Anar supports charity and social investment projects. He is especially interested in developing the success of the Azerbajian business sector in order to help build the future of the country’s economy, its tax base and wider civic society. He does this in a number of ways:

  1. By providing grants and work experience to talented young Azeri so they can developing their skills, experience and expertise in business.
  2. By providing guidance and investment to new and innovative businesses or business models.
  3. By funding charitable projects to support disabled children and to support war veterans.

Baku Business Factory

As a relatively young businessman himself, Anar considers supporting youth business initiatives his main social responsibility. For this reason, in April 2015 he founded “Baku Business Factory” (BBF), which supports the youth through provision of office space in BBF, mentor’s assistance, financial support as well as access to different training programmes.

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For latest news and achievements of the BBF see below.

News and achievements

Together with our startups we are moving towards great successes

Though the Baku Business Factory Business Incubation Center founded by me has been functioning for just three years, it continues to attain serious successes and results.

BBF: New Steps in the New Year

Being engaged in the implementation of projects since their commencement, the Baku Business Factory (BBF) has carried out a number of significant and memorable works to support startups in 2017.

Baku Business Factory and TransTech Capital signed Memorandum of Understanding

Baku Business Factory (BBF) and British company TransTech Capital LLP signed memorandum of understanding (MoU).

BBF hosts a Day of Future Businessmen for children

"Baku Business Factory” (BBF) has made one more important innovation - a Day of Future Businessmen was held at the business incubation centre.

BBF expands relations with foreign partners

In order to create opportunities for startups to enter an international market, ‘Baku Business Factory’ (BBF) decided to expand its relations with international partners.

Baku Business Factory expands ties with British companies

Baku Business Factory (BBF) has today hosted a meeting with representatives of the British Embassy to Azerbaijan.

Work with foreign partners – key to turn local startups into international brands

Main purpose of startups operating in the incubation centers today is to enter and become recognized in international market.

Baku Business Factory celebrates 1st anniversary

Baku Business Factory, which was founded by me on May 4 last year, celebrates the 1st anniversary.

Baku Business Factory supports business types in various sectors (VIDEO)

One of my main purposes in establishment of Baku Business Factory was to contribute to the diversification of our economy by supporting newly formed business sectors.

Baku Business Factory keeps holding events on improving business skills of young initiators

‘Baku Business Factory’ business incubation center, founded by me in May of last year, continues operating by improving business skills of young people.