Together with our startups we are moving towards great successes

Though the Baku Business Factory Business Incubation Center founded by me has been functioning for just three years, it continues to attain serious successes and results.

In my previous posts I shared with you the information about our main achievements. Our last achievements make me especially happy, because this success depends not directly on the Baku Business Factory but on the outcome we expect from the work done.

Last week, Georgia hosted the Welcome Challenge international innovation forum. The main objective of the forum is to gather startups that offer innovative solutions for tourism, hotel and travel, to identify the best among them and to link them with potential investors. The participant startups represented the countries of two regions – the Caucasus and Central Asia. Two startups to represent Azerbaijan were sent to the Forum with the support of the Baku Business Factory. These are the EcoSolution, a resident of the Baku Business Factory, which offers solutions that facilitate the efficient waste management at hotels and other tourism facilities. The other one is OnBranch. It is a social network that connects people in the same space. These two startups claimed the first two places in the competition and have the right to represent Azerbaijan and the indicated regions in the forum for startups from all over the world. And, most importantly, these two startups were granted the first and the second places by the unanimous vote of all jurors and country coordinators.

As I mentioned in my previous articles, the accession of our startups to the international market and succeeding there is among our major priorities as the Baku Business Factory. For that end we work hard to find foreign and international potential partners, build relationships with them and try to help our startups benefit from these relationships. This success is the first result of our cooperation in this direction and, what is most important, is achieved by startups that we supported. It is of particular importance to me. Certainly, our main goal is not the leading positions our startups win in such competitions but their successful performance on the international market. We are working for it. However, such achievements also play a significant role in their motivation in terms of attracting foreign investors and entering foreign markets.

I would like to remind that the Baku Business Factory is a business incubation center, which I founded in May, 2015, to support the business initiatives of young people and teach business to them. 23 different business projects continue their activity at the center.

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