Baku Business Factory supports business types in various sectors (VIDEO)

One of my main purposes in establishment of Baku Business Factory was to contribute to the diversification of our economy by supporting newly formed business sectors. Just for this reason, while choosing business projects for support programs, we give importance not only to their distinction among rival organizations, but also among themselves. In this way, we achieve both contribution of BBF projects to the mutual development using each other’s services and formation of model companies in various sectors by supporting projects relating to more business areas.

Our statistics clearly reflects results of our work in this direction. At present, 19 projects, which use the services of Baku Business Factory, cover all 4 major economic sectors, namely manufacturing, services, trade and agriculture sectors and include 16 different types of business activities. Other gratifying case is that despite sector of activities of all these startups, they actively use innovative methods in their work, particularly, information technologies.

I would like to note that Baku Business Factory is a business incubation center, which was founded by me in May, 2015, to support youth business initiatives and instill business skills in them.

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