Clearing up Global Witness’ accusations

Hello Internet, how are you?

I’m sorry that my first blog post is on the negative-side of things, but I just wanted to clear up the accusations published in December 2013 by the Global Witness report,Azerbaijan Anonymous, against me and my business ventures.

So, in case you haven’t seen it before, and are asking questions yourself, please take a look at my official statement below:

“I am a citizen of the Republic of Azerbaijan, born in Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan, living and doing business in Azerbaijan for my entire professional career. My whole work involves investing and re-investing in projects central to the further development and growth of my country. I have been called a “man of mystery”, whereas, indeed, during my activities I place the highest value on privacy and protection of my personal and family life rather than publicizing my activities.

Categorically untrue are Global Witness’ baseless claims, harmful to my country and raising questions about how I run my businesses. That report has already been substantially refuted in a separate review issued by SOCAR on December 13, 2013.

Here are the important issues for an objective discussion of my own position:

– I am in complete agreement with SOCAR’s commitment to the international Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, and I run all my businesses in accordance with Azerbaijani laws and the laws where I am involved in business activities as well as with the requirements of international legal standards.

– I have family relationship neither with His Excellency the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan nor with SOCAR’s President Mr. Rovnag Abdullayev.

– I am the sole and ultimate beneficial owner of my businesses including those companies doing business with SOCAR. I remain a partner with SOCAR while at the same time like many other private enterprises seeking additional ways to raise capital and diversify projects for the economic development of Azerbaijan.

– I fully comply with the requirements of Azerbaijani laws on disclosure of my income earned outside of Azerbaijan and payment of income tax applicable to my global revenues in Azerbaijan.

– Neither I nor any of my businesses has ever been the subject of any criminal liability or convictions in Azerbaijan or elsewhere.

– I run an international business focused on Azerbaijan, and will continue to seek out projects that produce a fair return and create opportunities to heavily re-invest in my own country.”

Thanks for reading. Onwards and upwards!