“Baku Business Factory” starts cooperating with universities

Baku Business Factory is starting to cooperate with universities in order to discover bright young people. For this purpose, one of our organization’s employees will go to each university, make presentations to students, inform them about BBF’s facilities and make the first steps for cooperation with bright young people who need support. Trained personnel are engaged in business since they know they are good at it. Young people lack experience, so they can have problems with self-confidence. Our job is to give them confidence and encourage them to do business.

As I mentioned in my previous articles, I believe that giving a chance to a young person with a successful idea is sufficient: “Currently, we are trying to create these chances. However, it may not be enough to just give a chance, but also deliver it directly to them, and sometimes make the first attempt instead of them may be necessary. This is a long-path field requiring a lot of effort but, at the same time, we are trying to implement a commitment which is entertaining and promising great success. World experience also shows that the most successful businesses, generally, are set up by students. In this regard, business incubation centers have to closely cooperate with universities in our country, where they can discover young people with brilliant business ideas, and form teams of students with high potential, be active in such spheres as supporting them in joining the business world.

I believe that there are a lot of young people with great potential in our universities, and we have to be there to support them, welcome students at universities. They can be very good professionals themselves, but by forming teams they are the closest to start up great businesses. In my opinion, a university is the best place to form teams. Therefore, on behalf of Baku Business Factory, we are trying to make our way through universities. All university students should know that they can contact us when they have ideas, and in case their proposals are selected, we will be always there for them with all our strength until their ideas become successful businesses. This will bring them a sense of confidence and they will be able to plant seeds for future.”

Let me remind you that Baku Business Factory is a business incubation center, which was founded by me in May, 2015 to support business initiatives of young people and teach them business. Currently, the center is continuing its activities in 14 different business projects.

For more information use the link: http://bbf.az/