Statement in response to another provocative article by “Azadliq Radiosu” (“Radio Free Europe”)

Dear Readers,

As always Radio Free Europe (“Azadliq Radiosu”) came up with a new provocative and biased article under the title “Oil business of Rovnag Abdullayev’s farther-in-law” .

Hereby, I confirm that most of information presented in the referred article is not true or accurate. Moreover, they contend that I disappeared after my first statement made in 2013. I have no doubts anymore about the bespoke nature of the referred article as well as the radio broadcast “İşdən Sonra” (“After the Work”) dedicated to the above referred article. It is obvious that persons standing behind these activities have taken a hostile position towards Azerbaijan and its interests. The main goal in publication these types of articles using the documents of unknown nature (obtained from unknown hacker sources in the Internet which are undoubtedly void from legal perspective) is to mislead the Azerbaijani society. No doubts they do their best to achieve such goal through mass media. If to pay attention it could be found that a few seconds after the publication of the above-referred article by “Azadlıq Radiosu”, the same article was duplicated by the opposition media. Such mutual harmonic cooperation between them leaves no doubt that all of them receive instructions from the same “sponsors”. In addition, all claims about my disappearance are groundless. My personal website, my company’s corporate website and personal blog is actively functioning and they are regularly updated, which allow me to express my personal statements since the moment of launching of the broad campaign by Global Witness and some media against me. As you can see, I regularly refer to my readers here and give an immediate reaction to all statements, campaigns and actions against me. I am not surprised by such statements of organizations and media which have taken a hostile position towards Azerbaijan, since even “Global Witness” uses the same strategy. Instead of publishing my interview in English on their website, which was provided to them by my lawyers and which is available in three languages on my personal website, they have just placed there a link to this interview in Russian. It is quite clear that such a biased approach purports to damage my reputation and misrepresent the objective and reliable facts represented by me. Based on such position they would never admit the truth and would always reject any fair and objective assessment, since they have to follow instructions given them by their “sponsors”!

Anar Alizade