Statement on some recently published defamatory publications

Dear Readers,

I hope you are well and safe in such difficult times. Like many of you I’m locked down with my family since 14 March without a possibility to travel even to my home country.

Despite the fact that the world is seriously affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic and billions are locked down and some has lost their beloved ones, there are some forces that are trying to use defamatory news in such challenging times with their own agenda behind such actions. We could assume who is standing behind such actions.

For the last couple days some media sources published fake news about me stating that I was on the board of a private jet which despite the lockdown restrictions travelled from London to the South of France for some leisure and entertainment. Others state that I faced a criminal charge and even arrested, whereas I’m not in Europe since 14 March 2020. Hereby, I would like to confirm that I am with my family since strictly observing the lockdown restrictions of the country where I am currently based.

Although the international media does not refer to any Azerbaijanis and my name particularly, it still served for a massive speculation by certain media sources trying to damage my reputation.

My lawyer has already started communication with those media sources, and I am keen to undertake all necessary legal actions to protect my reputation. Letter by my lawyers is attached for your kind attention. As it concerns to the past groundless allegations I believe they have been already addressed numerous times by me and the below resource clearly provide all answers:

Stay safe and with best wishes

Anar Alizade


The following files are attached to this statement:

Vüqar Məmmədov

Heydər Həşimov