Business in Baku, Business in Dubai

People ask me all the time about what it is like to do business in Baku and Dubai.

I remind them that we also have business activities in Turkey and Singapore, so we can say that we are really an international company increasingly doing business around the world.

I would say that Baku and Azerbaijan remain the place where we think of as home, where we develop and do our core business.

We are known in the Caspian region and CIS countries for the work we do in the energy industry. That means mainly production and exports. We have built our business as a leading seller of oil machinery and equipment. We are growing and expanding all the time, most recently into trademarked chemical manufacturing.

We have been active in Dubai for more than 10 years. We got started there in computer electronics. This became a model for us to move into other sectors. I can say that our companies were among the first from Azerbaijan to come and settle in Dubai. We are centralizing and coordinating more of our businesses from Dubai for the UAE and Gulf Region.

Our focus on trading is developing rapidly, with more and more activity being generated from the sale of petrochemical products, crude oil and oil equipment. Construction and real estate are also areas where we continue to develop and look for new opportunities.

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