UGE -Tapping into the best of both worlds between Baku and Dubai

For more than 10 years I have been operating my UGE companies between Baku and Dubai, working with national and international partners, and where Dubai acts as a gateway to Baku just as Baku is a bridge to Dubai.

Let me explain what I mean and help make clear how we at Union Grand Energy are accelerating material exchanges, logistical services and learning between Baku and Dubai.

Our work in energy, construction, trade and technology development forms a natural synergy, between companies, cultures and markets-we transfer what we learn, apply and know from one location to the other.

It means that we have been able to attract high levels of national and international capital and investment.

We started with advanced computer electronics, which quickly became a model for further applications and high-tech services, trading and manufacturing. Where we could we created the design and blueprints for these systems ourselves, and then ‘exported’ them to our other businesses. This kind of entrepreneurship helped our companies grow and expand in Baku, and have created a bigger more modern domestic marketplace.

It also makes us more innovative, open and competitive, where we know and understand how business gets done, working inside stable and predictable environments, where we welcome foreign investment.

What matters most to us wherever we are working is protecting and promoting the domestic interest of a country and public in all our ventures, helping support national economic and social fundamentals.